Exposure Academy Franchise Ownership: Start Your XA Today

Own an Elite Destination & Development Franchise. Take Your Business to the Next Level.

ClubHBHF Exposure Academy (XA) Franchise Ownership offers an unmatched opportunity to grow your business and develop athletes at an elite level.

If you’re interested in taking charge of a life-changing destination program with an innovative business model, this is the franchise opportunity for you.

What Sets XA Franchises Apart?

Exposure Academy is a proven program created by a former NFL Wide Receiver and coached by talented pro and collegiate athletes.

Our measured, holistic process develops student-athletes from the inside-out, all while using our extensive, nationwide ClubHBHF network of entrepreneurs and professionals.

Get an Inside Look: Watch the XA 2022 Docuseries Here.

Our XA destination symposium features a class of junior college student-athletes and entrepreneurs who use their XA experience and exposure to grow their game  beyond their multi-day destination academy.

The Class of 2022 benefits from elite coaching expertise, a one-of-a-kind development symposium, and extensive digital media exposure through our social media partnerships and our ClubHBHF docuseries and vlog series.

All XA program features are designed to make our franchises stand out for growth and to help athletes take their game to the next level.  

As an Exposure Academy franchise owner, you offer a unique, valuable athletic experience in your destination and beyond. Check out our 2022 California symposium here.

XA Franchises are…

Destination Events

From San Diego, CA to Buffalo, NY, Exposure Academy destination symposiums are meant to be a memorable experience, a source of discovery, and a safe haven for student-athletes to grow and thrive.

Exclusive and Inclusive

Student-athletes receive unparalleled digital exposure and a once-in-a-lifetime training experience with fellow athletes from across the country. While XA certainly feels exclusive, we aim to include a diverse class of athletes.

Focused on the Whole Athlete

Athletes will receive expert training, but they’ll also learn skills they can use in the game of life. From micro-courses on mental health to financial literacy, everyone comes out of the program with a newfound sense of self and a body of practical knowledge.


The XA program benefits from our extensive HBHF digital and social marketing network and our unique HBHF creators program. Our Exposure Academy docuseries and vlog series gets each athlete personalized exposure, while our network of entrepreneurs and professionals offers even more tools to help entrepreneurs and attendees succeed.

Scalable and Growth-Oriented

We provide a game-winning and successful program structure you can grow and scale.

How Do I Earn With an XA Franchise?

Our Exposure Academy Franchise Owners grow their business and boost revenue through XA tuition fees, sponsorships, creativity, and personal drive. A typical tuition cost for a single student-athlete’s 8-day Exposure Academy is $2,500.

We provide the value through our proven XA franchise program. How much you grow your XA business is up to you. ClubHBHF XA attendees benefit personally and professionally from the program. Check out our Behind the Pads vlog series for more info.

Gain more revenue through business opportunities you create as your business grows, such as sponsorships, branded merchandise, and additional events.

Ultimately, you’re in charge of your profitability. The more effort you put into your XA program, the more you can earn. We offer you the tools you need to thrive. Market aggressively, offer more opportunities, and build off program quality to see even bigger, better results.

When you invest in ClubHBHF XA Franchise Ownership, we’ll provide…

-Likeness Mentorship Program

-XA Social/Brand Support

-Official HBHF Program Management

-Vlogs & Docuseries (20 official videos)

-10% on every program sponsor

-Merchandise (invest more, we create more)

XA Franchise Ownership Cost: $25,000

Contact Us to Get Started

Interested in your own XA franchise? Let’s start the conversation.

Begin the path to XA franchise ownership Email Stevie & ClubHBHF: support@hbhfclub.com.

"ClubHBHF’s Exposure Academy was a humbling experience and allowed me to hone in on my leadership skills."

-Akil Edwards, JUCO athlete and XA Class of ‘22

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